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I am licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and have been practicing therapy for 9 years. I spent my first few years as a therapist providing mental health services to students and their families in schools. I have worked in three high-schools, one middle school and two elementary schools. I loved working alongside teens, helping them grow and stretch their new found independence. I have also worked for Center For Discovery, which is a residential treatment center for those struggling with eating disorders. I have now been in private practice for 5 years working with adolescents, college aged students and adults supporting transitions, changes, journeying through trauma, anxiety and other life stressors.
For those interested in the speciality training stuff : I am a CAMFT (California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists) member and am an IFS (Internal Family Systems) therapist (level 1 and 2 trained). I trained under Mary Kruger who specializes in eating disorders, addictions and trauma. I have extensive training in eating disorders as well as family of origin, and anxiety. For level 2 I trained under Dr. Frank Anderson on neuroscience and trauma.  
On a personal note I love the enneagram and love integrating it into therapy. (I’m a 5w4) I am someone who believes in the power of curiosity and exploration especially when it comes to our personal faith. I’m a huge connoisseur of cold brew coffee, love reading (especially YA novels-no shame!) and enjoy paddle boarding on the Bay. I live with my husband, our 5 year old daughter and our sweet pup.

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